We’ve come a very long way since the Claiming the Blessing collaborative first came together in 2002. We have been honored — and challenged! — to be part of an extraordinary time of moving both the church and the culture forward on the full inclusion of LGBT people. A wise activist once counseled that we were called to “set audacious goals and to celebrate incremental victories.” And that is the work we are still about.

The story of Claiming the Blessing is one of incremental victories on the road to that yet unachieved goal of full inclusion. And we believe that knowing our past helps us both prepare for and influence the future.

For a summary of what has been achieved in the Episcopal Church, see Knowing Our History— a legislative background paper prepared by Susan Russell.

For information on advocacy in the Episcopal Church on LGBT issues visit the Integrity website.

To read the Blue Book Report from the Task Force on the Study of Marriage in a PDF click here.

For a Q&A overview of the Blue Book Report by CTB convener Susan Russell, visit: Q&A: Study of Marriage Task Force Report

View a PDF of “Claiming the Blessing: The Case for Marriage” here.

And stay tuned for “next steps” as we continue the work toward full inclusion and prepare for the 2018 General Convention … in Austin, Texas.